The idea of custom design jewellery feels like the ultimate gift. 

Often thought of as an expensive luxury, a bespoke piece is intelligent.

In a throwaway disposable society, fine jewellery is worth its weight in gold and then some. (The stone's value). To design a custom made item is a sensible new approach that fits into the sustainable mentality, an alternative to overconsumption of lesser quality items. 

A classy attitude to adorn something of higher quality with meaningful significance.

Not only a piece of wearable art, but jewellery was also often a way of transferring wealth or hiding wealth. 

Stones believed to be conductors of energy were sought after for magical properties and lovingly passed on through the family as an heirloom.

Five things to consider when customising:

  1. Choose or up cycled stones to use in your item. Family gems repurposed in a new design is a beautiful sentimental way to honour your lineage. Choosing stones according to the birth month of your loved ones is a unique form of expression. 
  1. Know how often you will wear your treasure. A show-stopping unique occasion piece can be more complex and intricate than something you would wear all the time. Choosing the corresponding metal composition or stone hardest rating according to usage can increase the durability of the design. 9ct is the most durable fine metal. 
  1. Having a collection of ideas, styles, and other designs can help when consulting with your jeweller. Working with your designer will bring out the best in your design. Know what size or measurement you would like. Ask to make a prototype first as an ideal way to confirm your design. 
  1. Have an understanding of the labour and the material cost of your item. It may seem expensive now, but it will increase in value given time. One of the few possessions you will ever own that doesn't decrease.
  1. Be sure you chose a design and stone that matches your life and personal style. For example a soft stone like opal or emerald may not be as durable as a harder stone like diamond. A thicker band maybe more durable, but may not match your fashion sense.