When you commission a Bespoke item, you are custom designing something exceptional with a Jewellery designer and handcrafting with artisans. Not only does this ensure a higher quality result, but it is also the opportunity to express your feelings through the design, and materials like gemstones, metals, ideas, and messages, making your item priceless and like no other. What better way to show your love? 

Here are 5 top reasons why you should go Bespoke:

  1. Bespoke is a profoundly personal way to celebrate your moment with an investment piece of Fine Jewellery.
  2. The opportunity to upcycle family Gemstones and heirlooms, making your item even more significant.
  3. Made-to-order feels, looks, and fits exactly the way you desire. A Made to order item is the ultimate luxury gift.
  4. Take advantage of fluctuating prices of stone and material costs such as Diamonds, Gold and Platinum. Design at the right time can lower your costs.
  5. A Bespoke custom design item is something no one else has and would be treasured and loved far more than anything piece of jewellery due to its meaningful design.