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Our Diamonds

Diamonds have an unique ability to transmit light. This means that they sparkle and shine in a way that no other gemstone can match. The combination of strength and beauty is what makes Diamonds so special. Diamonds have been around for centuries. The word "Diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas," which means "unconquerable."

Diamonds are the traditional symbol of your eternal love, strength, endurance, and commitment.

Lab Grown Diamonds and Gemstones available to buy in Auckland New Zealand

Natural Diamonds

What is a Natural Diamond?

Diamonds are a hard crystalline structure made from a solid form of element carbon  compressed by the Earth’s pressure over time. A miracle of nature crafted over millions of years; a finite resource. Natural Diamonds are unique & precious, with ages over billion years! Formed within the Earth’s mantle at 150- 250 km, (some 800km) and under high pressure, temperature and volcanic eruptions through hundreds- tens of millions of years; Diamonds were deposited to the surface. 

Earth no longer creates them, so they grow rarer by the day.

Our Diamonds are sourced according to strict guidelines that are committed to a conflict-free supply chain in alignment with The Kimberley Process & the Rapaport Pledge.

Conflict Free Diamond for Sale in Auckland NZ Meaden Master Jewellers

Lab-Created Diamonds

What is a Lab Diamond?

A Lab-Grown Diamond is an ethical choice and the only true conflict-free Diamond. It is made by the same process as Natural Diamonds in highly controlled environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as natural Diamonds. They exhibit the same fire, scintillation and brilliance. Impossible to detect Lab Diamonds from a Natural Diamond by the human eye. Just as beautiful and sparkly, they possess a high-quality hardness our Gem Setters find superior to work with.

These offer excellent value for money at 30-50% less than an Earth Mined Diamond. The environmentally conscious choice, since no mining is involved and significantly fewer resources are used, emits less pollution in comparison to its Natural Diamond counterpart.

Loose Diamonds available for purchase at Meaden Master Jewellers Auckland NZ

Socially Responsible

Meaden Master Jewellers prides itself on sustainable, ethical, and fair trade practices. In association with the global Diamond industry, we do not support conflict (blood) Diamonds. We ensure all our Diamonds go through a variety of measures, implemented by the Kimberley Process (which traces Diamonds from mine to market) to combat the trade of illegal Diamonds. Currently the industry works with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations to monitor diamond exports and ensure best practices are followed.

On a positive note, the Diamond industry is a source of income and healthcare for tens of thousands with the majority of earth's diamonds are mined in Australia, Africa, Russia, and Canada. However mines do have an expiry, such as the more recent closure of the famous Argyle mine in Western Australia, who supplied 90% of all pink diamonds in circulation today. 

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Diamonds and Gemstone for Custom Design Engagement Rings at Meaden Master Jewellers Auckland NZ

Only the Finest Gems

At Meaden Master Jewellers, we take great care to ensure the quality of our diamonds and gemstones.

Our trusted international contacts and collaborative relationships built up over 40 years enable us to source the finest Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, and gems for your special Bespoke item.

Shop for some Diamonds and Stones here or visit us at our Showroom.

The 4C's

Diamonds captivate our imaginations with fire, brilliance, and scintillation (flashes of light).
However, the official rating of a Diamond is organised by the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) 4C system. Diamond quality can be determined based on its level of clarity, cut, colour, and carat weight, defining the rarity and value in an easy-to-understand format.

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Round Brilliant Diamond for Engagement Ring Design at Meaden Showroom Auckland

Finding a special stone

Like your special person, a Gem has personality and fire. Different jewels have different meanings. Although Diamonds are incrediable choice to represent everlasting love, other Gemstones may resonate more personally to your partner. Not to mention the uniqueness of chosing a special Gemstone for a truly special one of kind luxury item.

With over 40yrs of international experience, let our Master Jewellers guide you in choosing a wonderful stone that will thrill and delight with your budget in mind.

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