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Fine Diamond Jewellery 2020, Bespoke Jewellery Design & Craftmanship 2021 Winner of Luxlife London, England

In the heart of Auckland, NZ is where high-end Jewellery brands go to have their most Luxurious and One-of-Kind Fine Jewellery made. Meaden Master Jewellers.

The internationally acclaimed Meaden Master Jewellers is renowned for the excellence of craftsmanship and design.

Gary Meaden Master Jeweller in Auckland New Zealand

Handcrafted Fine Jewellery

The internationally award winning team is led by Master Jeweller Gary Meaden, who following his father's footsteps, (a Master Diamond Setter) acquired a love of Fine Jewellery & invaluable knowledge from early and began his career over 40 years ago at the world-renowned – Graff Diamonds in Hatton Garden, London.

This is where Gary honed his design sense, exquisite taste and meticulous attention to detail in crafting fine jewellery.

Known as an expert maker of luxury Bespoke Engagement rings; Gary Meaden has won international acclaim for his exceptional quality of Jewellery Design and craftsmanship.

Best Diamond Jewellery Award receiptant

Our Clients are at the center of what we do.

At MEADEN, we create sustainable fine jewellery that inspires love and beauty.  We are a specialised team that handcraft from conception through design to creation.

Dedicated to providing the best service and quality, we support our clients by building long term, collaborative relationships with clients, suppliers, business partners and the team. We respect their values; forming open, trusting and rewarding relationships based on truth & fairness. 

We thrive on working on intricate requests and sourcing rare stones for highly discerning clients, from young couples in love to royal families, celebrities and corporate clients such as British Airways and the Williams F1 Team.

Bespoke 18ct Gold and Pearl Butterfly broach

Custom made in New Zealand

In 2005, Meaden Master Jewellers have been offering the highest quality jewellery design, CAD drawings, 3D printing, jewellery making, finishing and “impossible” repairs to local and overseas individual customers as well as businesses.

As an industry leader, we incorporate cutting-edge techniques and traditional methods like animated, photorealistic rendering, video, CAD printed waxes and resin prototypes to try on. We are excited about our new 8k resin printer; a game changer for accurate design, symmetry, and a chance to finalise any adjustments before the perfected item. 

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Our jewellery is inspired by

"People, Places, Architecture
Nature & Organic Forms.
I love rich coloured Gemstones, Rubies or Tanzanites, and of course, Diamonds!" - Gary Meaden

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Why work with a MASTER Jeweller?

 The idea of custom design jewellery feels like the ultimate gift. 

Family gems repurposed in a new design is a beautiful sentimental way to honour your lineage.  Choosing stones according to the birth month of your loved ones is a unique form of expression.

To design a custom made item is a sensible new approach that fits into the sustainable mentality, an alternative to overconsumption of lesser quality Items. A classy attitude to adorn something of higher quality with meaningful significance.Not only a piece of wearable art, but jewellery was also often a way of transferring wealth or hiding wealth. 

5 things to consider when designing your own bespoke jewellery

Our team

Design your own ring with a Master Jeweller

Gary - Master Jeweller

Born into a world surrounded by fine jewellery, his natural inheritance was to become a Master Jeweller. At 16, he was accepted as an apprentice at the legendary Graff Diamonds in London Hatton Garden
like his father; he started his glamourous career specialising solely in Diamond mounting. His reputation for excellent work for celebrities like Dame Vera Lynn, Christopher Biggins, Boyzone, Renault Williams F1 Racing Team, British Airways, and British Caledonian Airways led to commissions from the Georgian royal family and the president of Gambia. Years later, a visit to the shores of New Zealand inspired a vision to open a lifelong dream; Meaden Master Jewellers, in the heart of Auckland city.

Sustainable Jewellery Design by a Master Jeweller

Andrew - Master Jeweller

A recreational sailor, Andrew found another passion in Jewellery making when an opportunity arose in work experience in his teens. Crafting Jewellery- using his hands in such a meticulous, detailed way was grounding; seeming like an excellent port to sail home to after the vastness of the sea. 40years later, Andrew finds freedom in both as a Master Jeweller at Meaden Master Jewellers.

reset your gems with a master diamond setter

Neil - Master Diamond Setter

Answering an ad as a Jeweller's apprentice in Newmarket as a youngster, Neil knew he could excel in the Fine Jewellery industry. Distracted by the glitz of the stones, he found his calling as a gem setter. In his days as a painter, he has honed a steady hand and sharp eye suitable for the work adding the piece de resistance to any item or correcting many ill-fated pieces of work.

Admin lady at Jeweller's workshop open to the public

Amy - Admin Lady

A connoisseur of all things Italian, paintings, museums, and food enjoys travelling to the Meaden Showroom and Workshop, where the Cobblestones of Vulcan lane takes her back to her beloved travels through Europe. Her sense of organisation and appreciation of finery keeps the daily running Meaden Master Jeweller smooth as silk.

Jewellery Woman stands at a Workshop where Design Available locally in Auckland New Zealand

Stacy - Digital Marketing

Hailing from an editorial fashion and wellness background, Stacy is passionate about good design and intent. Her first introduction to Fine Jewellery was when the family started imparting some of the family heirlooms. Hence whetting her appetite for these precious Jewels at a young age, combined with an enthusiasm for all things digital, makes working at Meaden Master Jewellers a perfect match.

Gary Meaden

"It’s the look on someone’s face – The WOW moment when they open the box.
It’s about seeing something in mind and bringing it to life.
Creating works of art – little sculptures from Precious Gems & Metals.
It’s my way of life."

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