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Local Jewellery Repair Auckland, New Zealand


Premier technology enables us to repair & resize jewellery with exceptional precision that simply cannot be achieved with naked flame soldering. It also leaves no visible solder joins. This precision is particularly important next to delicate stones such as emerald or where stones cannot be removed cost effectively.

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Handmade Engagement ring made locally in Auckalnd


We are able to resize practically any ring or other piece of jewellery. While you wait repairs and resizing are available by prior appointment.

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Master Jeweller resizes ring in Auckland


The options with restoration are to give you the opportunity to recreate exactly as it was, or alternatively we can restore the original in a contemporary and modern way. Incorporating more, or less - it’s entirely up to you!

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Often over time jewellery become thin and worn. We can completely remake any piece of jewellery ready to stand the test of time for a new era! Re-using legacy stones we will carefully unset the gemstones & then recreate the setting before putting it all back together again.

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Have all of your jewellery needs fulfilled in one place.

Our team is skilled in all areas of jewellery repair and restoration work:

Inclusion Polishing | Rhodium Plating | Re-Tipping | Re-Shanking | Remodelling | Master Making | Mould Making | Wax Injection

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Bespoke Design

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Explore our High Jewellery

Large Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold handmade by our Master Jeweller
Custom Design 5ct Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold handcrafted by our Master Jeweller
Trina Trillionaire Diamond Ring Regular price$70,500.00
Isla Cushion Cut Sapphire Halo Cluster Ring
Isla Cushion Cut Sapphire Halo Cluster Ring
Isla Cushion Cut Sapphire Halo Cluster Ring Regular price$35,000.00
Pink Diamond Engagement Ring made to order from our on site workshop in Auckland New Zealand

Bespoke Handmade Lab Grown Pink Diamond Engagement Ring
Zoe Pink Diamond Three Stone Ring Regular price$14,000.00
Large Aquamarine Cocktail Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold
Handcrafted Large Aquamarine Cocktail Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold by our Master Jeweller
Amphitrite Pear Shaped Aquamarine Halo Ring Regular price$9,600.00
Blue Diamond Engagement Halo Ring
Coloured Stone Engagement Ring
Bebe Blue Diamond Halo Ring Regular price$24,600.00
Diamond & Gemstone Bespoke Engagement Rings And Jewellery, NZ Auckland
Diamond Trio Engagement ring in 18ct Yellow Gold handcrafted by our Master Jewellers in Auckland NZ
Zoe Trio in White Diamonds Regular price$14,000.00

Lifetime Warranty & After Care

With a lifetime warranty and aftercare on all purchases, we stand behind our design and craftsmanship.

Free Resizing & 60 Day Returns

Our 60-day return policy includes free resizing and hassle-free exchanges.

Secured Free Shipping

We provide free insured and secured shipping within New Zealand.